"... one of the foremost national experts on school and workplace violence, facility protection, evacuations, terrorism prevention and leadership training"   US Senate

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About Vincent J. Bove, cpp

Vincent J. Bove, CPP is a Board Certified Protection Professional, Board Certified Crime Prevention Specialist, Certified Police Training Commission Instructor, Certified Security Instructor, and U.S. Department of Justice Certified Community Anti-Terrorism Awareness Trainer.

As a nationally acclaimed leadership and security educator, Vincent Bove has been a champion of character development, violence prevention, and crisis planning.

Vincent is a recipient of the prestigious FBI Director's Community Leadership Award. This special award, presented on behalf of the Director of the FBI, was formalized to honor individuals and organizations for their efforts in combating crime, terrorism, drugs, and violence in America.

Vincent has served the United States Military Academy as mentor, senior leader, and speaker for the National Conference on Ethics in America. His book "Listen to Their Cries" was sponsored by West Point graduates for attendees-representing colleges nationwide-during his conference presentation.

"Listen To Their Cries" was also sponsored for law enforcement, educators, and community leaders at numerous events including The Southern New Jersey Prosecutors Safe Schools Conference and the Bergen County Education Association Safe Schools Initiative. The prosecutor's initiative was a collaboration of seven counties. The Bergen County initiative involved 279 schools in partnership with the Bergen County Sheriff's Department and Bergen County Police Chiefs Association, where Vincent has served as Community Policing / School Security Chairperson for 12 consecutive years.

In June 2007, Vincent was asked to address families of the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy and attend the governor's meeting with them. Vincent served as a spokesperson, addressing prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery deficiencies on their behalf. His findings were documented in his report, "Crisis of Leadership: A Response to the Virginia Tech Panel Report" as well as in numerous keynotes, published articles, blogs, and "Listen To Their Cries".

Since the Columbine High School tragedy in 1999, Vincent has addressed educators, parents, students, mental health professionals, law enforcement officials, and community leaders throughout the United States. His constant challenge to audiences is that we all must do our part to transforming our communities, agencies, corporations, and families into havens of leadership, vigilance, and collaboration for America.

Vincent has served as keynote speaker at numerous FBI venues including:

  • FBI Academy LEEDS graduation keynote - "America's Leadership Call in an Age of Crisis," Princeton University
  • FBI Counterintelligence Squad keynote - "America's Transforming Leadership Principles," Fort Dix Military Base
  • FBI Supervisors keynote - "American Leadership Principles in an Age of Corruption," Fort Monmouth Military Base
  • FBI / NYPD Joint Terrorism Task Force keynote - "America's Call to Leadership in an Age of Scandal," FBI New York Field Office
  • FBI Annual Professional Development Conference keynote - "Everyday Heroes Serving the Nation," FBI Newark Field Office
  • FBI Citizens Academy Graduation keynote - "Ambassadors of Community Transformation"
  • FBI Management Conference keynote - "The FBI: Honor, Leadership, America"
  • FBI Director's Community Leadership Award recipient remarks - "Leadership: Critical to Transforming America"
  • FBI Society of Former Special Agents keynote - "Leadership: The Heart of America"
  • FBI Leadership Series, New York Field Office - "The FBI: Honor, Leadership, America"

Aside from presentations nationwide, Vincent has conducted "Leadership Principles: Crisis Planning, Community Partnerships, Violence Prevention" keynotes to safeguard New York City. Attendees included the NYPD, FDNY, security directors, property managers, and the FBI with venues including:

  • museums hosted by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
  • financial institutions and corporations hosted by The New York Stock Exchange
  • hospitals hosted by Rockefeller University
  • commercial and residential properties hosted by The Union Club of New York
  • colleges and universities hosted by both Columbia University and the New York Athletic Club

Vincent is the recipient of two Master's degrees and has authored two books based on his past experience as confidant with the New York Yankees and Major League Baseball.

Additionally, Vincent has 250 published articles and 650 blogs on issues critical to America. Vincent authors a weekly column titled "Reawakening the Nation" for the Epoch Times.

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